in each of our markets and categories, we leverage our multi-faceted expertise to make an instant impact.
elevated customer care:

OSIRUS is a complete, turnkey after-sales customer service solution that provides the customer with a seamless, easy way to access help, order parts, or obtain information for their products.

directly or indirectly through our client partners, our products are on the shelves of all leading retailers worldwide: We offer a large array of services to suit all of your needs. From ideation to execution of a product, to after sales customer support, we have dedicated resources globally that will improve all areas of your business.


Osirus+ a complete turnkey after-sales customer service
solution that provides the customer with a seamless and easy
way to access help, order parts and obtain information for
their products. It is a complete after-sales solution that
connects customers to all after-sales services and vendors
through a real-time online platform. Winners is the industry leader when it comes to providing after sales support. Our process has been refined over the years to become leading edge and truly best in class.

When problems do arise Osirus has always taken an
aggressive, proactive stance in finding the right solution, and getting it done. It is our commitment to the end customer that will enable us to continue to lead the industry.  

product design+ leading in style, design and user experience. Through forward thinking shapes, innovative materials and new platforms, we always stand out among the competition. Our full staff of designers is always guided by what really matters, the customer.

engineering+ Winners has a proven track-record of providing engineering commitment throughout the product’s
life-cycle, all the while looking for new ways to innovate and build the highest quality product available.

• Product certification and quality control
• TS 1949 certification and implementation
• Direct channel with CSA for product approvals rapidly
• Overall inspection by certified Quality Assurance teams
• Constant quality monitoring process for each production facility; comprehensive IQC checks
• Dedicated teams in North America and China focused on the product and category
• Familiar with Third Party Inspection

strategy+ having dedicated support resources around the
world is crucial to your success. Being able to react quickly
to both challenges and opportunities is crucial to keeping the
business going strong, and capitalizing on near-term opportunity.

•Dedicated local Sales Support
•Dedicated logistics manager
•Dedicated Factory engineering manager
•Dedicated, local Customer Service Solution
•A commitment to Channel Management

education+ We believe that this is one of the most important aspects of brand strategy in the retail marketplace. In today’s cluttered retail environment, consumers have myriad choices, but they are not always provided with enough information to make their purchase decision a comfortable one.

Utilizing multiple marketing touch points (Web based, Educational Take-aways, POP, Packaging) we educate consumers, and help them make an informed purchase decision. Through consumer product education (product uses, how-to and benefits) we communicate our product expertise and in turn build consumer trust.

brand management+ we have a vision and expertise for brands, a perspective of how we can properly position them in the market place and what needs to be done to create a memorable experience for the customer.

customer experience+
One of the most untapped areas of growth is the in-store brand experience. Winners recognizes the inherent challenges in dealer networks and corporate structures, so we are constantly devising new ways to work within these frameworks to drive innovation and improve the consumer experience, with the ultimate goal of gaining a customer for life.

website+ a prominent communication channel for reinforcing the brand, benefits and vision of the product. It can also provide detailed information about specific product models, retailer locations and allow consumers to purchase products online.  The website is often the first crucial handshake with new customers, and affirms trust with existing ones. It needs to instantly engage the audience, to educate and communicate key features and benefits of the product line, and ultimately inspire them to purchase the product.

point of purchase+ consumers are faced with a sea of choices when entering a retail environment.  Our challenge is to convince them that our products are the ones that they cannot live without. By providing an attractive, engaging and informative POP display, we help consumers make an informed purchase decision.

packaging+ one of the most important aspects of the brand experience, product packaging must fulfill three key roles: be attention grabbing, communicate brand name (clearly and incontrovertibly), and reinforce what the brand stands for (brand equity).  Ultimately, the packaging must make it simple for consumers and retailers to instantly recognize the package and associate it with positive benefits of the brand.



vertically integrated+from raw material processing to assembly to logistics, our factories have been developed with lean production processes and efficiency in mind.

global certification+ Certified by all international
certifying agencies (CSA/FM Global/UL/CE)

porcelain line+ In-house porcelain line ensures quality
control and expertise. Also garnered the China Enamelware
Industry Association Award for 2003 & 2004.

CSA laboratory+allows for extensive testing before products are sent for certification, reducing overall certification turnaround time.

pro-E Design and Tooling Center+ our in-house tooling
center gives us the ability to design, develop and execute
product quickly and effectively.

prototype center+ Our dedicated Prototype Center can create
prototypes and designs quickly so we can visualize what we
design and put it into production faster with less issues.


global access+we have access to some of the biggest suppliers in the world.  By consolidating our material requirements with key suppliers, we ensure strategic partner status, which in turn gives us access to the newest and best resources. We buy from those that focus on being the best at what they do, just like us.

on time+ Winners understands the intricacies of retail, the ins and outs of consumer demand, the seasonality of the market, and the resources required to fully support all of your supply chain and inventory initiatives.

innovation projects