our mission
is to be truly innovative and dynamic in everything we do

David Hong
ceo, president
Winners currently ships approximately $225 Million USD in product to North America across multiple categories

innovation brings our company together:
With years of global experience, offices in North America, Asia and Europe, our innovative, line of products are expertly designed, developed and engineered, with precision.

To create the very best products possible, with the very best leading edge technology available today. To become the leading supplier or dominant category player in each category we enter in to.

We want to best serve our customers, providing seamless customer service reflecting market trends and demands, and providing the most innovative merchandising solutions.

To be truly innovative and dynamic in everything we do – to attract and retain the most outstanding and competent people throughout the organization across multiple categories.

The entire Winners team and each of its manufacturing facilities are completely dedicated to being the best in every category we participate in:

Grills / Outdoor Heating / Gas Cylinders / Air Compressors / Outdoor Living

We are continuously investing and upgrading our facilities to maintain our competitive edge and constantly looking at new innovations, materials and technologies.

Our global roster of clients across 3 continents ensures we are up to date on the latest trends and competitive information.